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Dickson Gallery of Fine Art, Jackson, TNDickson Gallery of Fine Art, Jackson, TNDickson Gallery of Fine Art, Jackson, TNDickson Gallery of Fine Art, Jackson, TNDickson Gallery of Fine Art, Jackson, TNDickson Gallery of Fine Art, Jackson, TNDickson Gallery of Fine Art, Jackson, TNDickson Gallery of Fine Art, Jackson, TN

    The Dickson Gallery of Fine Art, Jackson, Tennessee


"The Little Things", by Rachel Dickson
January 20, 2006: The Jackson-Today

The Dickson Gallery of Fine Art, Art Gallery Tennessee , Jackson Today Weekly Column by Rachel Dickson 


          The Little Things



      You may not have noticed…or maybe you have.  But there’s been a new addition to Jackson’s Downtown sidewalks.  (Actually it’s not really a new thing … they’ve been around since mid-October 2005.) They’re very subtle but also very complimentary additions to the aesthetics of our historical downtown.  Special black & white, sandwich-board style “Open” signs.
     Each business establishment downtown is eligible to in essence “borrow” one of these unique signs designed and provided by the Jackson Downtown Development Corporation and the City of Jackson.
     Ironically, downtown has a uniformity of sorts that it didn’t have before.  The idea was originally the brainchild of Mary Bearden, JDDC’s Executive Director as a way to create uniformity downtown and at the same time overcome potential hardship of enforcing the City’s downtown sidewalk sign ordinance.
     I’d have to say, the whole project has come along very nicely.  You can walk (or drive) down any downtown street and know right off the bat…just by taking a glance which businesses are open and which ones are not.
     It’s exhilarating each morning to step outside and place that open sign and smile while taking a quick look around at your neighbors and their signs.  It seems to have created a subtle but recognizable cohesiveness around town.  It’s also not unusual to meet your neighbor


while you’re both prominently placing your “open” sign outside in the morning or while bringing it in in the evening.
     In the works for quite some time…it was invigorating to go through the process to receive and be permitted to display one of these signs…as I know it was for others like me.  Granted I’ve pinched my fingers in the thing enough to know better how to put it out and bring it in each morning and evening.  But well worth any momentary pinching for the long-term benefit.
     In the big picture of downtown renewal…everything we do leaves an impression around us.  And it’s in going head on with the “little things” one-by-one that collectively adds to the whole.  Like so many things, the magnificence of downtown achievement is proportional to the attention applied to every step of its creation.
     Special thanks to ALL the powers that be (the City of Jackson, Jackson Downtown Development Corp., and the task force members that worked in conjunction with the Urban Land Institute) for recognizing the necessity for taking action one step at a time.
     Dickson is the owner of The Dickson Gallery of Fine Art at 118 E Lafayette Street. She may be contacted by email at
rachel@dicksongallery.com or by phone at 423-9708.




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